SecureWatch® is the premier cloud-based imagery service for rapid access to geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).
A foundational tool for mission success
► Tap into the world’s most recent, highest resolution and highest accuracy satellite imagery using a web browser, or stream the imagery to your existing imagery exploitation software.
Simple secure access
► On-demand access to our 18-year, 100-petabyte imagery library
► New images available within 48 hours of acquisition
► The best commercially available resolution (30 cm)
► Outstanding locational accuracy (10 m CE90 or better)
► Secure encrypted HTTPS access
► 24/7 global availability
A critical advantage for any mission
► SecureWatch lets you efficiently and cost-effectively extract actionable intelligence in support of :
Mission planning
Visual support for strategic and tactical planning anywhere on Earth with satellite imagery.
Maritime domain awareness
Quickly assess maritime activities, including vessels, infrastructure and more.
Change analysis
More than 16 years of historical multispectral imagery to help understand change in depth.
Border and facility monitoring
Time-lapse observations and analysis of current and potential points of vulnerability and conflict areas.
Humanitarian and disaster response
Rapidly assess the scope of the situation and position assistance where it will help the most.
Update and maintain your organization's maps and be confident your view of the Earth best represents the situation on the ground.
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