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Eclipse P320
Product Information
The Eclipse™ P320™ GNSS OEM board is the first in the next generation of GNSS boards available from Hemisphere GNSS. Integrate with ease using the Eclipse P320 in precision industrial products and challenging environments. This compact board offers low power consumption, fast output rates of up to 20 Hz and L-Band DGNSS/HP/XP (OmniSTAR®) support. Offering full scalability and expandability from L1 GPS through to L1/L2 GNSS and combined with advanced multipath mitigation techniques, this feature-rich multi-frequency GNSS board will provide a cost effective product compatible with other GNSS products.
Eclipse GNSS RTK with SureTrack™
With the Eclipse P320, RTK performance is scalable. Utilize the same centimeter-level accuracy in either L1-only mode, or employ the full performance of fast RTK performance over long distances with L1/ L2 GNSS signals. Our exclusive SureTrack™ technology gives peace of mind knowing your RTK rover is making use of every satellite it is tracking, even satellites not tracked at the base. Benefit from fewer RTK dropouts in congested environments, faster reacquisitions and more robust solutions due to better cycle slip detection. SureTrack also removes concerns with mixing GNSS data from various manufacturers. Even if your base is only L1/L2 GPS, SureTrack with GLONASS at your rover delivers complete GNSS performance where others cannot. Rely on SureTrack technology from Hemisphere GNSS.
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