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Eclipse P302 and P303
Product Information
Integrate with ease using the Eclipse™ P302™ and P303™ OEM boards in precision industrial products and challenging environments. These compact boards offer low power consumption, fast output rates of up to 20 Hz and superb RTK performance. These feature-rich multi-frequency GNSS boards provide a cost effective product compatible with other GNSS products. 
Eclipse P302 is a drop-in replacement for Hemisphere GNSS 34 pin boards. Eclipse P303 has a mechanical design compatible with standard 20 pin boards from other manufacturers.
Scalable Eclipse Positioning Solutions
With the Eclipse P302 and P303, RTK performance is scalable. Utilize the same centimeter-level accuracy in either L1-only mode, or employ the full performance of fast RTK performance over long distances with L1/L2 GNSS signals.
Patented COAST™ software enables Hemisphere receivers to utilize previous DGPS and SBAS correction data during times of interference, signal blockage and weak signal. The receiver will coast and continue to maintain sub-meter positioning for up to 40 minutes without any DGPS signal.

The 12-channel, L1 DGPS board features SBAS support, along with Hemisphere GNSS’ exclusive COAST™ and e-Dif® technologies, making it easy to get an accurate signal, anytime, anywhere. Accuracy and stability are excellent due to Crescent® receiver technology’s more accurate code phase measurements, multipath mitigation improvements, and fewer discrete receiver components.
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