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Portable GNSS Reference Station Feature and Raw Data Always Recording Function
P-series is the first innovated Tablet which has been designed to meet tough environment use including IP65, Mil-Spec 810G, Sunlight Viewable Display, and swappable external Battery for longer hours requested users. Jointly with the high accuracy L1/L2, GNSS Reference Station and Raw Data reference features, P-series has become the most powerful all-in-one system for users from Surveying, Mapping and GIS applicable industries to adopt for their works.

BAP has closely worked with GNSS solution leader, Effigis, to come out the excellent and flexible paired solution. With the GMS paired Solution, P- series could play either role of Based Referenced System or the Rover of the data collection units. Powerful CPU and high accuracy L1/L2 GPS/ Glonass System will let user be able to review collected data real time on site, and to perform post-processing result at site before leaving for next site or office.
Variety User Interface
SMA L1/L2 GNSS Antenna Connector
Mobile CoRS Solution Application
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