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BAP Precision Ltd was established in 2010
We are GPS-related products and Solution based R & D team.

When we in 2011, with partners successfully developed the first of a new lightweight high-precision hand-held instrument: S-series, functional and strong S-series has a dazzling performance in the use of forestry, agriculture and geology.
But our goal is not only that, in 2015, research and development through our hardships, S-series L1 alone can achieve classification of public, let GPS industry has further breakthrough.

We are in 2012, in order to secure the top of the mountain people of Taiwan make one effort to design a Triple S solution, there is the probability of the occurrence of landslides in the hillside face, issued a warning in advance can allow people to evacuate in advance.
Triple S Solutions invited to international security cooperation organization ecology, issued a "Disaster prevention information mountain slope in dire need of transparency and real-time early warning" reports.

2015 To the precious forest trees Plantation Taiwan to design solutions that enable valuable trees can be more efficient and accurate record, this solution is to spend more units of multi-national forest inventory. From 2011 to 2016, we are also involved in a number of countries in the international security fairs, seminars, featuring a number of products and solutions. And won the "Golden Torch Award" and in 2016 won the "Jinfeng Award" award in 2015.

Outlook - from GIS to integrate applications of GPS, into a complete solution for comprehensive application of the experts.
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