Marine Monitor Solution
The service monitors vessel movements around your Assets and raises alerts in the zones that you have created.The warning could be sent by email and SMS if potential damage is about to occur. The service provides the GIS information location including the terrain and the associated facilities location. Allow vessels (white lists) could create protection zones around them and tailor protection rules suited for your facilities and the regional geography.
Marine Asset Protection using AIS Data
➤ Protection Zone Establishment
➤ Vessel in and Out history at restricted Zones
➤ White List AIS management vs Economic Quota
➤ Vessel Monitoring : AIS and Buoy System
➤ Illegal Fishing Detection : Zone Management
AIS Basic Message
➤ Call Sign
➤ Type
➤ Location
➤ Heading
➤ Course Speed
➤ Reported
➤ Vessel Events
Marine Life Hotspot
➤ Marine Life hotspot System
➤ Marine information
➤ Marine Plankton
➤Fish Locator
➤ Marine Life hotspot System
Zone Status
➤ View Notification of Existing Alerts
➤ Create New Alerts
➤ Manage Existing Alerts
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