GeoAssist is a GNSS utility that allows you to view the status of the GNSS and optimize it of the environment for which it will be used.
Ease of operations and configurations
GeoAssist lets you take full control of BAP rugged GNSS platform. Its intuitive GUI design allows an easy, real-time visualization of GNSS status and operations of filed data collection. It also provides vary configurations for the environment for which it will be used and link methods of differential corrections such as SBAS and RTK/Network RTK/Network DGPS for ensuring you can have the most reliable and accurate data.
Real time differential correction
No matter SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) or RTK/Network RTK (Supports NTRIP: Networked Transport of RTCM via InternetProtocol), GeoAssist real-time differential correction can make GNSS accuracy significant improvement.

With BAP rugged GNSS platform, you can communicate and control these systems easily :
  ► SBAS
      ► Support: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN
      ► Control: Enable/Disable control, PRN code selection
  ► RTK/Network RTK
      ► Radio RTK Integration Ability
      ► Network RTK NTRIP Communication Protocol Support
      ► Interact with BAP rugged GNSS platform, it supports RTCMv3, RTCMv2, and CMR corrections
      ► Mount point detail information display
Ability to log data for post-processing to improve accuracy
GeoAssist supports static and kinematic GNSS observation data collections and the logged file is fully compatible withOnPoz EZSurv.

Moreover, the logged data can be converted as RINEX (Receiver Independent Exchange Format) standard format through BAP RINEX conversion utility, so the converted logged file is easy to be recognized for performing post-processing by most of post-process applications.
SDK/API is available for integration
Data integrations and standardization is important to maintain GIS workflow. GeoAssist SDK/API is now available for offering the ability of customization and allows you to integrate with mobile GIS field software to manage GNSS data acquisition and get batter accurate position data.
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