BAP Precision Ltd was established in 2010. We were GPS-related products and Solution based R & D team.

✧ In 2011, high-precision L1 hand-held instrument: S-series used of forestry for solving under canopy issue for US, Sweden, Switzerland, and Part of East Europe countries.

✧ In 2013, BAP survey solution was selected as Indonesia agriculture survey solution to manage subsidized seeds and fertilizer.

✧ In 2014, land-slide monitoring solution established for Taiwan, Japan and Part of central Java, Indonesia and the system was reported by United National Ecology and Safety April edition.

✧ In 2015, Expanded BAP solution to marine intelligent and satellite Monitoring application. July of 2015, Contracted with Digital Globe for Southeast Asia in Military and Law Enforcement segment.

✧ 2015 : Mobile GCP System LLC, a BAP fully owned company, was found at Fremont, CA for Military application in hardware and Marine Monitoring system in Hardware.

✧ For the year of 2016/ 2017/ 2018, BAP won the Digital Global Silver award on the MTS application and the Best Imaginary tasking ordering solution in Southeast Asia region.

✧ In 2017, Boen Technology was founded for the Indoor scanning.

From 2011 to 2018, we also involved in a number of countries in the international security fairs, seminars, featuring a number of products and solutions. Won from Taiwan Government Award of the "Golden Torch Award" and in 2016 won the "Jinfeng Award" award in 2017.
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